Top 10 finalists will compete for the Canadian Grand Masters Title and Prize Money:

1st Place: $3500 & Art Trophy

Sponsored by: Manitoba Métis Federation

Andy DeJarlis wood carving by: Lucas Kost (

2nd Place: $2250 & Art Trophy

Sponsored by: Manitoba Métis Federation

Manitoba Birch painting by Candace Lipischak (

3rd Place: $1100 & Art Trophy

Sponsored by: Manitoba Métis Federation

Direction Determines Destiny framed print by: Shawna Grapentine (

4th to 10th Place: $500

Sponsored by the following:
Caisse Financial Group (2)
Long & McQuade (2)
Manitoba Métis Federation (1)
Taylor McCaffrey Lawyers (2)

Bison on the Prairies canvas print by: JD Hawk (

Thank you to our Anonymous Double Gold Sponsor who donated bursaries for all contestants not advancing to the finals.

Ward Allen Memorial Trophy “Best Old Time Waltz”

Sponsored by: Ann Allen

Stone Trophy carved by: Edward Atau Quilahuaman from Échiboy (

Ward Allen, one of Canada's fiddle pioneers, is best known as the composer of Canada's most popular fiddle tune, "Maple Sugar". Born in Ontario, Ward worked for a time in Manitoba as a harvester. Moving back to Ontario in the late 1940's, he went on to win the Canadian Open Championship in Shelburne in 1953 and toured with Wilf Carter the following year. Legendary fiddler Graham Townsend considered Ward to be his mentor. We would like to thank Ward's wife Ann for her sponsorship of this year's award for the "Best Old Time Waltz."

CGM People's Choice Award

Sponsored by: Calvin Vollrath

In 2011, I decided to sponsor a People's Choice Award at the CGMFC. Making my living playing the fiddle all these years, I've learned that the biggest reward is watching the faces of the people in the crowd. It wasn't always about playing the hardest lick or the toughest tune but more about putting a smile on someone's face or seeing their feet tap to the music or ever watching a tear fall down their face. Music is emotion and when you touch someone in the audience, that is really the biggest prize of them all. I hope in today's contest, you choose the competitor who has touched your heart and moved you in a special way.
- Calvin Vollrath